What if I say Marshall Amplifiers for Electric Guitars?

If I say Marshall electric guitar amps, what comes to mind?

I bet the amp wall on the AC/DC stage!!

How many times have you daydreamed, holding your electric guitar in your hand, to play with the power and volume of Angus Young?

Have A Guitar Amp In The ’60s

Imagine living in England in the early 60’s and being a young rock guitarist who wants to split the world!

In those years there were no Marshall electric guitar amps yet. There was only Fender that made amplifiers and it wasn’t easy to find them in Great Britain.

There was no Internet, Amazon or e.commerce where you could order and have your favourite amp delivered to your doorstep.

Importing a guitar amp from the US was very expensive, so it wasn’t an easy story!

Jim Marshall And The First Guitar Amp

So to meet the need of British classical rock guitarists for an easily available electric guitar amp, a certain Jim Marshall and a bunch of his friends started creating prototype amps.

At first, they set up a Fender Bassman amplifier circuit, the aim being to create a different and better sound than the Fender. A sound that met the needs of the rock guitarists of the time… a gritty, brilliant and above all POWERFUL sound!

From that first amplifier born in 1962, in a short time at the end of the sixties, all the most important British musicians and bands played with a Marshall amplifier!

The Jcm Series And The Marshall Sound

The evolution of the models has led to the immortal production of the JCM series. It started in the early ’80s with the legendary single-channel head JCM800 2203 (who knows if it is still available in the store by Musicarte? click and see!), a 100W Marshall amplifier with pure roar. Up to the introduction of a three-channel model, the TSL100: one of the most seen amplifiers in the world!

The marshall amplifiers have certainly not lost their initial characteristic sound over time.

Whether it’s a used Marshall amplifier, a small Marshall amplifier, a Marshall bass or guitar amplifier, a Marshall combo amplifier… you can always find in all the series the characteristic sound that is the “Marshall sound”!

Dreaming Costs Nothing

With a Marshall amplifier in your hands…or rather behind your back…you can always feel like a real rock guitarist.

And if you don’t have enough money to buy a real Marshall’s wall, you can always make yourself a desk man with the Marshall Micro Amp to turn up Thunderstruck and keep dreaming big… that dreams are not paid for!

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