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The VOX brand was born in 1957 when amplifier designer Dick Denney began working with Tom Jennings’ British company JMI.

Vox was already producing organs but the music landscape was changing.

Dick was very much looking forward to the demands of today’s guitarist market and decided to design an amplifier that had enough volume for live use.

So in 1958 the first Vox AC1/15 model debuted, it was the first amp with the VOX brand.

Soon many musicians from the London music scene began to use this amplifier.

With the “Spring Rock” of 1960 the demand for amplifiers was growing and Dick decided to develop a new amplifier.

Vox Thus the historic Vox AC30 guitar amp was born, basically a doubled AC15, with double power, two cones and four inputs.

A further turning point in the English company was when in 1962 two young musicians from Liverpool bought a Vox AC15 and an AC30.

In a very short time the Beatles Mania exploded and the sound of the Vox amplifiers was on everyone’s ears.

Between the 70’s and 80’s there were changes of ownership and Vox did not go through an easy period, perhaps even for the change of musical genres.

Since the beginning of the 90’s Vox is owned by Korg, and there was a real renaissance for the brand, new interesting products were introduced alongside the English reissue series, built in the style of the first models of the 60’s, the Vox AC30/6TB, remains today one of the best selling amplifiers ever.

The Main Models of the Vox Amplifiers Brand

One of them is the Vox AC30 Class A guitar tube combo, a tube amp with EL84 power amps, double cone and 30 watts of power.

Over the years there have been several versions but the most sold is the model AC30/TB where TB stands for “top boost”, meaning that there are controls for treble tones and bass.

The ancestor of the AC30 is the AC15 monotonous combo, with 15 watts of power.

Minor but always sought-after models are the AC4 and AC10 combos.

In the last 20 years new series have been very successful such as the CAMBRIDGE series or the VALVETRONIX series, produced both in combo version and tested + speaker, is based on digital technology with simulation of amplifiers and effects.

The Vox Brand: Not Only Amplifiers

Vox has not limited itself to the production of amplifiers in the last 50 years.

Organs, keyboards, but also guitars with futuristic and angular shapes, it is impossible not to mention the models Phantom and Mark.

Then guitar effects, one above all the WAH, in the V846 and V847 models, among the most appreciated of all time, many guitarists have made extensive use of it, one above all Jimi Hendrix.

Who plays with VOX amplifiers? Who has never seen the wall of Vox behind Queen’s Brian May at least once?

Rory Gallagher was inspired by Brian to use Vox amplifiers, as was another Irish, The Edge, the historic guitarist of U2.

Over the years the list of users has grown steadily, from the Beatles to Hank Marvin, from Tom Petty to Noel Gallagher to the more recent Chris Shifflet of the Foo Fighters.

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