The Drums Plates

Battery trays are a fundamental part of the drum set. In modern drums they have taken on the role of first-order and consequently the market has developed exponentially, proposing various types, which vary in size, composition, and therefore price.

The dish is traditionally circular, of variable size and weight. Production techniques differ depending on the quality level and the reference price range.

“Dishes are composed of a large percentage of bronze”

The first courses appeared around 2000 BC and their use was not exclusively musical. They were however made of different types, concave or flat, with more or less bell (the central part near the hole, the more concave) depending on the sound that was wanted.

Currently, we have different macro-categories of dishes, differentiated by the manufacturing process and the material with which they are built.


Many times you have read ” plate in B20 alloy ” or they will have said, “of course it is cheap, it is in B8 !”.

Here we try to understand more.

First, let’s start by saying that most of the dishes are made with bronze and tin alloy. Here are just the different percentages of these two components, they give the definition of dishes in B8 or dishes in B20.

The B20 alloy plates are the ones most often produced for the high band. Zildjian and Sabian, for example, use this alloy for most of their dishes. The sound tends to be ” warmer “.

B8 alloy plates, on the other hand, were often used for dishes considered more economical, but with one great exception. The Paiste uses the B8 alloy for the majority of its products, as for the legendary Paiste 2002. And I wouldn’t say that they are low-end dishes.

There are also in dishes brass, which has production costs and processing minor, but they are very often dishing low-end and always dishes “effect” as splash or stack.

Each brand is then credited with the invention and use of small but fundamental variations. Paiste talks about the CuSn8 alloy for the new 2002, as well as a secret formula for the Signature series. It is even thought that Zildjian uses minimum percentages of silver for their dishes.

Marketing or truth? Who knows!

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The Drums Plate Part 2

September 21, 2019