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Takamine Acoustic Guitars

Takamine acoustic guitars are real working instruments, ideal for singer-songwriters and to stand out in the amplified band. They are robust and refined to face life on the road and in the studio. Its longstanding dedication to innovation and continuous improvement has made it one of the world’s best acoustic guitar manufacturers.

The humble beginnings date back to 1959 when it was a small family-run shop, located at the foot of Mount Takamine, in the centre of the Japanese city of Sakashita. This company, still in its infancy, took the name of the mountain in 1962 and set out on the journey towards an incredible success that is the modern company Takamine.

See now all models of Takamine acoustic guitars available for sale. Or read on for more information.

Takamine Acoustic Electrified

A Pro Series electrified acoustic Takamine like the P7DC Dreadnought is built with the utmost care on the hills of the Japanese Alps, where passionate craftsmen make these instruments of excellent workmanship. Each guitar has the best seasoned wood and is made from a combination of modern woodworking techniques and traditional hand work. In addition, each guitar has an elegant appearance and the highest precision that comes from the experience of violinmaking.

Pro Series 7 guitars are designed for professional guitarists. They feature solid spruce tops, rosewood back and sides. For a rich and distinct sound. Beautiful flamed maple bodies and handles, neck bindings, 12″ radius ebony keyboards with elegant abalone inlays in the characteristic snowflake shape. Bridge saddle divided into two parts for perfect intonation, golden hardware. And the CTP-3 CoolTube preamp for unparalleled amplified performance.

The CTP-3 CoolTube is the first and only integrated tube preamp for acoustic guitar. It produces a rich and full sound. It takes its name from the innovative Takamine technology that manages a 12AU7 glass valve with very low voltage, so low that it remains cold to the touch, with the possibility of modelling the sound from clear and bright to big and warm.

The Equalizer section uses Shelving filters for high and low frequency adjustments, and also offers semi-parametric control for the mid frequencies. A control knob adjusts the frequency from 250Hz to 5kHz, and an integrated chromatic tuner with millimetric precision is standard equipment. Another feature is the mid and high cut selector for a second pickup.

Takamine G Series

Affordable quality, a Takamine G Series is a guitar for musicians of all kinds. Combining very beautiful sounds and comfortable playability with the latest generation of pickups and preamps.

If you want to know about Takamine prices and differences you can take a look at our online store. It starts with an entry level model that can be the Takamine G Series GD20, a dreadnought guitar with solid cedar tops, mahogany back and sides and very affordable value for money.

If you are looking for an amplified model you could think of the GD10CE, a dreadnought cutaway, ie with missing shoulder to better reach the top of the keyboard. It has integrated the TP-4T system with 3-band equalizer + gain + tuner. Are you left-handed? Then you can think of the Takamine GD10CE-LH.

If you want a much richer sound and the six strings are not enough, here is a GJ72CE-12 12-string acoustic guitar with a jumbo shape. G Series with solid spruce top, flamed maple back and sides, rosewood fingerboard. The amplification system is the TK-4OD, more advanced than that of previous models, which features 3-band equalizer controls + Gain + Mid Contour Switch + Notch + Eq Bypass Switch and tuner.

Takamine classic guitars respect tradition. The chaining and body shape provides a distinct sound and strong volume. The GC1CE is an electrified classical guitar with spruce top, mahogany back and sides and TP-E electrification. Available in black or natural colours and in the left-handed version.

Takamine Guitar Used

At Musicarte you can also find a used Takamine guitar with 1 year warranty. All models are checked and photographed. In our Music Market you will find all models of Takamine acoustic guitars available. You can have an interest-free installment payment or trade in your used one.

We can interface with Takamine distributor Italy to have all the models available, even to take those that we do not have physically in the store.

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