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Studiologic Numa

Studiologic Numa Compact 2X is the stage keyboard with 88 semi-weighed keys, it is perfect for the musician who needs a high quality timbre instrument. It is practical to carry and versatile in its applications. From a sound point of view, Numa Compact 2X uses the most advanced music technology from Studiologic. This allows the use of the instrument even in very advanced professional contexts.

In its compact and slim cabinet there are 3 different synthesis systems: a Tonewheel organ with physical modeling, which uses the same technology as Numa Organ. Equipped with 9 Sliders programmable on the front panel that faithfully reproduce the Drawbars of the original instruments. Alongside it are their typical parameters: Percussion (Harmonic 2nd/3rd), Decay (Fast/Slow), Chorus&Vibrato.

Numa Compact 2X Piano Section

The Piano section provides material for this very important timbre category, with sounds from acoustic and electric Full Stereo instruments. It also has a wide variety of useful auxiliary sounds such as basses, guitars, etc..

There is also a Virtual Synth Machine, with which you can quickly and intuitively create thanks to the 9 Sliders that control as many synthesis parameters. You can access a wide range of synthesis sounds from the internal waveform library with about 1GB of memory.

Extremely Powerful, With Infinite Combinations

The Numa Compact 2x takes the power of the Compact series to the extreme. The compact cabinet now houses 3 different sound synthesis systems:

  1. a physical modeling organ derived from Numa Organ, the analog synthesis of Sledge and 1 GB of memory for the samples.
  2. 2. A new USB port allows to receive and transmit digital audio signals.
  3. With Numa Compact 2X you can amplify the sound of your tablet or computer, from the internal speakers with great space savings and greater ease of use.

Tonewheel Organ

In the generation system has been implemented the physical model already successfully used by the appreciated Numa Organ.

The user interface is based on the traditional 9 programmable sliders, which in this section act naturally as Drawbars.

These are used to control the sound of the organ, or they can be used to transmit MIDI controls.

Virtual Synth Machine

It has been optimized to fit the Numa Compact 2X technology.

With the same sophisticated sound generator as Sledge, it is possible to generate a wide range of synthetic sounds from a large library of basic waveforms. It is also possible to control 9 different synthesis parameters in real time through the Sliders.

USB Audio Interface

High quality digital audio signals can be sent and transmitted via the USB port. For example, you can record the sound of the NC2X on your computer. Or you can use the instrument’s internal amplification to amplify digital audio from a computer or tablet in an infinite number of convenient combinations.

Numa Compact 2X Key Features

  1. 88 Keys Semipweighted Keyboard with Aftertouch.
  2. 2 Programmable sticks.
  3. Internal amplification 2×10 W with “elliptical back reflection Speakers”.
  4. OLED graphic display 128 x 64.
  5. 1 GB Flash memory, 88 Sounds on 8 banks.
  6. Factory & User sounds upgradeable via USB at high speed.
  7. Section “Tone wheel Organ” with physical modeling, with 9 Drawbars, percussion, Chorus&Vibrato.
  8. Synth section with the 9 Sliders that control as many parameters of synthesis in real time;
  9. Fully programmable MIDI control module, with 2 Zones, 9 Programmable Sliders.
  10. Concert Piano” sound with String Resonance and Release Sample.
  11. Double Effects Processor FX1/FX2 + Stereo Reverb.
  12. Post processing Mastering: Bass, Treble, Mastering (3D + Compressor).
  13. Connections: USB (High Speed), MIDI In/Out, Audio L/R, Headphone, Ped1-Ped2.
  14. Ped 2 compatible with the triple pedal: SLP3-D (Soft-Sustained-Damper with Half-Pedaling).
  15. Audio interface via USB.


  • 127 x 23 x 10 cm – 50″ x 9″ x 4″;
  • 7.1 Kg – 15.6 lbs.

Studiologic Numa Concert

Digital Piano Stage & Midi controllers integrated.

Studiologic Numa Concert is a professional stage piano with 88-key Graded Hammer Action wooden keyboard, and “Ivory Feel” white key surface.

Numa Concert’s keyboard mechanics reproduce in an incredible way the authentic touch of a concert grand piano.

The triple key detection system allows for extremely fast keystrokes.

The new concert piano samples were acquired with the highest level of equipment. The collaboration of expert technical tuners and instrument artists is essential. In addition to the selection of high quality sounds, Numa Concert provides all the power you can expect from a professional instrument of this level.

The Most Advanced Sampling Technology

The new Concert Grand and Stage Grand sounds are based on 1 GB of high-quality sample memory. Performed respectively of two models of absolute reference acoustic concert piano: a Model D and an F 308.

Instruments previously tuned and sung by one of the most renowned technicians in the field, preferred and requested by many concert performers around the world.

The original samples of the pianos include all 88 notes, recorded with high quality microphones, placed in 5 strategic points of the instrument.

This has been played with different dynamic levels. Subsequently all samples were mixed on two high resolution Stereo Master tracks. Both sounds have 9 dynamic levels (from ppp = pianissimo, to ffff = fortissimo).

The various levels are interpolated in real time with a complex cross-filtering system. All this in order to reproduce in the most accurate way all the dynamic tonal nuances, and therefore to make the execution as expressive as possible. From the most delicate and intimate timbres to the most aggressive, always with the maximum dynamic control.

Wooden Keyboard, “Ivory Feel”, High Resolution Key Detection

The perfect control over this complex and well-balanced sound structure is made possible by the renowned FATAR TP/40W keyboard with wooden keys.

This keyboard also has three sensing points, which provide a high-resolution system for measuring the speed of each key.

And at the same time, they allow extremely fast rebounds to be made; for total executive control at every dynamic level.

The white key surface has a classic and unique “Ivory feel” finish, to give the pianist’s fingertip the most stable and solid surface for more accurate and controlled performances.

A detail that can only be found in the most renowned concert pianos.

Calculating Power and Accurate Algorithms

The new sounds have a more natural and realistic rendering, thanks to the implementation of the resonance of the strings.

This allows you to reproduce and control the two main effects that are generated in real acoustic pianos.

String Resonance

By acting on the Damper pedal of an authentic acoustic piano, all dampers are released.

They are thus free to resonate with all the notes played, thus creating a sort of typical “reverberation”, which makes the sound of the acoustic piano rich in harmonics and warmth. This effect has been carefully analyzed and reproduced by the R&D laboratory of Studiologic and implemented on Numa Concert, in order to obtain the same realistic effect.

Soundboard Resonance

A concert piano is a very reactive structure, able to resonate with all the notes played on the instrument even without activating the Damper pedal.

This resonance, typical of the soundboard, is so evident that a piano tuner must necessarily stop all the strings when tuning the instrument.

This resonance is a part of the natural sound and its quantity, together with the resonance of the strings, can be appropriately dosed from “Off” to “10”, with all the intermediate steps, depending on taste or personal needs.

DSP Studiologic technology, Unlimited computing capacity

The implementation of all these new features and future updates were possible thanks to the powerful state-of-the-art DSP technology used by Studiologic.

It is able to generate up to 128 notes of polyphony, with a rich and defined sound, with accurate post processing effects.

It has the most innovative algorithms: including Phaser, Rotary, Chorus, Reverb, Delay, Stereo Tremolo, Strings & Soundboard Resonance.

The internal mathematical calculation of the processor is floating point, the most accurate method nowadays.

This allows the most accurate calculation at every step of the sound generation, on 2 or 4 pole digital filters with complete ADSR control, to physical modeling. Already successfully applied by Studiologic in the renowned NUMA ORGAN, a product renowned and appreciated all over the world. Innovative is the high quality post processing system, which includes real-time control of the equalization, allowing direct editing of the overall sound of the instrument.

The DSP works with a 300 MHz clock, which allows an incredible performance of 2400 MIPS (millions of instructions per second), or 1800 MFLOPS (millions of floating point operations per second).

These allow a maximum total latency (delay between the pressed button and the generated sound), from 4.5 to 6 milliseconds, practically imperceptible in all performance conditions.

Specifications Studiologic Numa Concert

  1. Keyboard: 88 keys, Graded Hammer Action (TP/40wood), with “Ivory feel” surface, “Triple switch” key detection system.
  2. Stereo-Multi-Sample DSP sound generation with TrS (True Eound) technology
  3. Polyphony: 128 Voices Max.
  4. Sounds: Concert Grand, Stage Grand, E Piano 1, E Piano 2, E Piano 3, Clavi, Pad 1, Pad 2, Organ 1, Organ 2, Bass 1, Bass.
  5. Effects: Modulation: Off, Chorus, Phaser, Rotary, Tremolo. Reverbs: Off, Room, Hall, Delay.
  6. Panel & Controls: Pitch Bend Wheel, Free Wheel (effects/modulation).
  7. MIDI master keyboard controls, Sound selection, effect controls.
  8. Output equalizer, 3-digit display, 50 x Preset, Effects Auto-set Panel, 2 Split/Layer keyboard zones, 4x velocity curves, 1x velocity user curve with 10 Fatar Touch memories.
  9. Midi Master section: On/Off button, MIDI Volume knob, 2x MIDI Zone (depending on SPLIT).
  10. Parameters: Program change, Bank select LSB, Bank select MSB, Channel, Eighth.
  11. Connections: 2x Audio Outputs (L/R), 6.3mm Jack, 1x Stereo Audio Input In, 3.5mm (mini jack), 2x Headphone Outputs, 6.3mm Jack, 1x USB, 1x MIDI In / Out / Thru, 2x Pedals (Sustain / Expression).
  12. Dimensions: 127 x 31 x 13 cm
  13. Weight: 20 Kg
  14. Power supply: 100-240V, AC

Studiologic Numa Compact 2

Stage Entry Level digital piano, semi-weighted keyboard 88 keys with Aftertouch, 2 Sticks, internal amplification 2x10w.

OLED 128×64 graphic display, 80 Sounds, dual effects processor, Bass, Treble, Mastering, MIDI control module.

Powerful, Portable, Professional Sound

The Numa Compact 2 has been completely redesigned from the ground up, with extremely compact dimensions and a lightweight cabinet.

The same technology used on professional keyboards has been implemented on the numa compact 2.

Numa Compact 2 represents a big step forward in terms of sound quality, post processing effects, and MIDI implementation.

With built-in speakers and a digital amplifier, this instrument is incredibly versatile and usable in many music applications. From lessons to rehearsals to concerts on stage.

Studiologic Numa Stage

Studiologic is pleased to announce Numa Stage, a new professional stage piano with 88-key weighted keyboard (TP/100LR).

Equipped with 3 contacts each key for the most accurate and fastest detection of dynamics. This instrument replaces the Numa Piano, an instrument that has been established for many years and renowned throughout the world.

All the main specifications and sounds of Numa Stage derive directly from the recent Numa Concert, which has had a very positive reception by the best pianists and keyboard players internationally.

It is considered a very innovative and versatile instrument for the highest quality piano sounds (Concert Grand and Stage Grand), integrated with very important functions such as the soundboard and the sympathetic resonances of the pedal, obtained with physical modelling techniques.

The new Numa Stage also has a complete MIDI control section that allows the management of 2 Midi zones, in Split or Layer mode. It also has a database of 12 carefully selected sounds, with 128 notes of polyphony to allow the best musical expression to your creativity on stage or in the studio. All the power you can expect from a high quality professional instrument made and produced by Studiologic, in a lightweight and portable configuration combined with an extremely professional look, you will find it in the new Numa Stage!

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