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Founded in 1949 in Reggio Emilia, one of the Italian provinces where the mechanical and electronic industry has reached the highest levels of excellence, RCF has become over the years one of the world’s leading brands in the design, manufacture and marketing of high technology products and systems for Professional Audio and Public Sound.

Throughout its history, RCF’s offer has expanded and diversified to meet all sound and music amplification needs: from single products to complete solutions, from small systems to complex and large projects.

RCF: Audio Systems Since 1949

The first products sold were microphones and loudspeakers, the so-called voice systems. Around the end of the 60’s, with the rise of pop and rock music, the sound of live music evolves considerably and becomes electric. It was the time of the pioneers in the design of audio systems for amplification. These manufacturers are looking for high power transducers to use in their designs. They find the best performance in RCF technology. That’s why Emiliana has established itself as one of Europe’s leading OEMs. RCF’s deep experience in the field of transducers and especially electronics has been a natural launch track. Fundamental to the development of complete audio systems and that has led the company to be a leader in multiple audio markets. They range from Hi-Fi to Public Address (commonly PA) to portable audio systems or large concert systems.

RCF Means Passion

All products and components are conceived and developed internally, to maximize the final results. The complete catalogue covers all aspects of the audio chain and meets the wishes of musicians, sound engineers, architects and system integrators. Whatever your audio needs, RCF has the solution.

Agile Technology

The design process in RCF is in continuous evolution. The research and development team has an all-inclusive approach to product design. It does this by using cutting-edge materials and ensuring that the company is technologically innovative. In the modern production plant in Italy all component processes are refined cyclically. We achieve excellence thanks to continuous and rigorous quality control. From transducer coils to management software, each component is constantly improved and improved.

Integrated Solutions

The solid know-how, built in almost 70 years of history, the modern production plant and the continuous technological progress has made RCF a reference point. A fundamental company for all audio professionals and enthusiasts. RCF is present in thousands of installations including: concert halls, recording studios, airports, stadiums, conference rooms, public spaces, cruises, dance halls, places of worship, clubs and discos, or in the hands and ears of countless musicians. The in-house design team has in-depth knowledge and experience to support the architect, designer or system integrator. It assists them throughout the design and customization process of complex systems, from entertainment and security systems to installations.

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