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Ibanez AZ Series: Prestige and Premium Novelty

The new models of the Ibanez AZ Series incorporate all the characteristic features of proven and tested quality. Although Ibanez is considered a modern guitar brand, it has accumulated experience trying to push its limits. The handle is polished to an oval shape, the asymmetrical body shape well balanced, and the base of the neck allows for very easy playability.

Ibanez AZ Series Prestige.

There are three principles behind the new Ibanez AZ Series Prestige. Accuracy, Performance and Playability. The combination of cutting-edge manufacturing techniques together with old-fashioned Japanese craftsmanship, innovation in design and construction, and the integration of ideas and suggestions from musicians from around the world are the key points of the Prestige manufacturing process. Ibanez AZ Prestige Made in Japan includes the models: AZ2402, AZ2204F and AZ2204.

The AZ Oval C S-Tech neck with special roasted treatment increases the stability of the wood, durability and resistance to temperature changes. The neck is sealed with an oil finish that helps it look as smooth as a very played guitar.

The oil-impregnated nut provides superior tuning stability and warm, rich resonance. Stainless steel keys boast excellent corrosion resistance. The wide and high fret type offers quick response, harmonized sounds when played in chords and distinct sounds when played on individual notes.

The Ibanez T1802 bridge, made by Gotoh, features titanium saddles and a steel tremolo block for fast response, big bass and rich treble. The 10.5mm space is ideal when you need to play by plucking the strings. The snap-in construction allows easy insertion of the tremolo lever.

Ibanez AZ Premium

Designed to inspire, all Ibanez AZ Premium are made from selected, high-end electronic woods. All made of the highest strength, with craftsmanship techniques and attention to detail of the instrument. The Ibanez AZ Premium’s rich, eye-catching sound and unrivalled playability open the door to your source of inspiration. The new models AZ242BC, AZ242F and AZ224F are part of this series.

Among the characteristics of this category of Ibanez AZ Series are the dots on the side of the neck with luminescent inlay that makes it easy for musicians to see the position on the keyboard when playing on dimly lit stages. The Ibanez T1502 bridge, also made by Gotoh, has steel saddles and a galvanized die-cast block for fast reactivity and improved movement.

The Seymour Duncan pickups provide moderate output through 5 alnico magnets to keep the original sound when using a distorted sound, and to have more attack. From treble to bass, the overall balance can be adjusted, to sound good with various pedal effects.

Ibanez AZ Price

The new Ibanez AZ Series Prestige and Premium can be purchased from Musicarte with installment payment at zero rate and giving in exchange your used. Ask the department for all the information you need. Continue reading our blog to stay up to date with the latest news.

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