How to tune Drums? Part 2


It is very important to learn how to pull a new skin so that it can be mounted without breaking it and in the meantime tune the battery so that it sounds good.

How do you see the nuts (or ties) are in a number of 6, 8 or even more, depending on the drum on which you’re working.

We stayed at the point where you put your skin, the circle and you put the tie rods on, pulling them by hand until you can.


You have mounted the leather, now take the key and start giving a couple of turns for each tie, taking care to do it in the order shown in the figure:

Imagine starting from the number 1 tie rod, tighten for a couple of laps (even 3) and then do the same with the number 2. Then go to number 3 and then number 4. Then finish by pulling the number 5, the number 6, then 7 and finally the 8.

Now my advice is to push with the palm of your hand (photo) in the middle of the skin until you hear a bit of crunching, do not worry, nothing breaks, you’re doing what in the slang called ” adjust ” the skin. Repeat it a few times (with more force if it is the skin of the box), even moving closer to the blocks (perhaps with a little less force), until the creaking noises will always be less.

Now take a wand with which you will play on the edge of the skin next to the rod trying to hear the sound it produces.

At this point it continues maintaining the same sequence as before, making half a turn for each tie, until, playing softly with the wand, you will not hear that the sound emitted close to each tie (2 or 3 cm from the edge) will be roughly the same. Don’t worry about now, the important thing is that the sound next to each tie is as homogeneous as possible. This will mean that you will have pulled each tie with the same intensity and that therefore the skin will be stretched evenly.

Once you have made sure that you have given all the tie rods a tension that guarantees a similar sound on all the points you hit with the wand, all you have to do is try to figure out which note has most of the skin and also bring the other parts to that sound, rotating clockwise to go up in tone or turning counterclockwise to go down in tone (coma from figure next).

It is not certain that pulling all the tie rods, in the same way, the sound will be the same in all parts of the drum. This is where you have to use your ear!

Obviously grant the battery it means to assume that drums with smaller diameter, have a more sound dull and the diameter grows, the more the sound will be severe.

So basically, the whole process that you did to mount it and that ended with having pulled all the tie rods in such a way that hitting the skin with the rod about 3 cm from the edge the sound would be the same for each one of them, it’s in somehow a tuning.

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