How the Sub Kick Works

In this post, I want to help you understand what the sub kick is for and how it works.

You have seen it a thousand times and the name may not tell you anything, but the Sub kick is that little drum with a loudspeaker inside, which is positioned ahead of the case to get the lowest frequencies, which the other microphones can’t pick up.

I don’t talk about specific equipment very often and when I do it is never with the intention of sponsoring anything. Not even this time I want to do it, but it is obvious that the name Sub kick immediately makes think of Yamaha, which I believe was the first famous house to make it a mass-produced product.

While other houses have been made to produce this accessory, such as DW, calling Moon Mic, but in the popular imagination has remained the name Sub kick.

We do not go into detail on the motivations that led Yamaha to interrupt its production, but the fact is that it is a sought-after object that intrigues many. Me first.


To understand how the Sub kick works, we need to do a little preamble.

I start by saying that both the microphones and the speakers are transducers and that they are devices that have the ability to transform one physical quantity into another.

If a microphone receiving pressure on the membrane turns it into an electrical signal, a speaker works with the opposite principle.

So if we take a speaker (a cone of a speaker ) and instead of connecting it to an amplifier, we connect it to a system to pick up sound signals like a mixer or an amplifier, it can be used as a microphone.

It is also true that when we listen to music, to produce low frequencies we need a speaker with a wide cone and then reversing the logic of the reasoning even in this case we suppose that to capture low frequencies we need a sufficiently large diaphragm.

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