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HK Audio: Lucas Nano and Other Models

Over the past 20 years, the name HK Audio has become a synonym for high quality live music systems in Europe. Made in Germany, these systems are the product of a passion and lifelong search, with the aspiration to find the perfect sound.

The beginning was with the production of audio speakers in 1979 in West Germany in short runs. Then the increase in public confidence in these handcrafted products gave the necessary confidence to expand the business, even going so far as to produce equipment for some of the most renowned pro-audio brands. The goal is to meet the needs of users who wanted more than just standard solutions. All HK Audio are designed and manufactured with meticulous attention to detail. This not only guarantees an absolute level of quality, but also ensures sustainable work that takes account of the environment.

See now all models available from Musicarte. You may also find a used HK Audio system.

HK Audio Lucas Nano

The Lucas Nano HK Audio system is a professional PA system that you can carry with one hand. The second generation consists of five models divided into two power classes.

A PA system for your band on stages that face up to 200 people. A Mp3 party entertainment system. An elegant mono solution for songwriters and acoustic musicians. It can be used indoors to watch games or do karaoke evenings. or in the gym as a background to burn calories. Outdoors, for parties with friends in the garden. Lucas Nano gives you that big bang of sound you’re looking for.

The HK Audio Lucas Nano 608i is the first integrated PA system to turn your iPad into a digital mixer. With eight channels, excellent reverb effects, EQ and intuitive compressors, and convenient bluetooth connection, this new high-end system makes wireless mixing easier than ever before. Remarkably compact and ultra-light, it weighs as little as 16 kg and is capable of delivering extraordinary audio power.

HK Audio Speakers

The Made in Germany quality of the HK Audio Premium PR:O speakers is evident in every detail. The HK Audio speakers feature professional construction components and advanced DSP technology, which are resonant and resistant to street life. These speakers deliver outstanding performance. With more than 150,000 units sold in the last 10 years, the wide range of PREMIUM PR:O active and passive speakers have been designed to raise the sound quality level of systems for musicians in Europe.

For example, PR:O 12 is a complete solution in the classic 12″/1″ format (12″ cone + 1″ twitter), with balanced sound, speech clarity, wide sound wave. It is the perfect satellite to match with the PR:O 18 S subwoofer. The PR:O 12 MA version in addition to the power of 600 watts, adds a speakON port for connection to an auxiliary passive speaker.

HK Audio Elements

The world of audio is constantly changing. It is becoming leaner, lighter and more pleasantly designed. HK Audio Elements is the first system to combine the benefits of modern line-array technology with the convenience of compact, portable PA systems. Attentive musicians, rental services, DJs, installers and event presenters will love this elegant and powerful system. Designed to grow with you, you can have an Elements system the way you want it. The mid-high column units deliver a seductive, speech-distinguished sound throughout the room. And active subwoofers give you plenty of bass that is powerful enough to accompany the mid-high frequencies.

Among the products in this series you can find the E 110 Sub AS, a compact and lightweight subwoofer. With its two 600 watt amplifiers it provides twice as much power as the E 110 Sub A. This makes it the perfect choice for all the power you need. With the E 110 Sub AS you can combine an additional sub and two E 835 satellites for a total of 16 speakers.

In fact, the HK Audio E 835 satellite allows you to have even more flexibility when you want a larger system. Featuring eight speakers, it can deliver 300 watts at 8 ohms. The E 835 is great if you want to minimize your connections. Each unit is designed with the same design and sound level, so you can combine them together.

At Musicarte you can find the models you want, ask the department if you want to receive assistance HK Audio. You can get an interest-free installment payment or trade in your used equipment.

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