History of historic drums manufactures Part 4


Founded by Henry Heanon Slingerland in 1912, Slingerland began producing musical instruments producing ukuleles and banjos. In 1928 the production of percussion begins and in a short time, it becomes a high-sounding name in jazz, boasting leading names such as Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich among its users (the latter was the first endorser of the company in 1936 ).

As we have already been able to tell, during the Second World War the United States government set limits with regard to the use of metals such as brass and steel and therefore also the Slingerland to adapt built the circles of the drums with walnut and rosewood. The brand had its maximum popularity in the 60s and 70s, having among its ranks drummers of the caliber of Neil Pert, Danny Seraphine, Carmine Appice, Nigel Olsson, and Neal Smith. In Italy, the PFM drummer Franz Di Cioccio used these batteries.

In the late 1970s due to the death of his wife and Henry Slingerland’s son, the company experienced a sharp decline, caused mainly by the advent of Japanese homes. His brand was then acquired by numerous companies such as Baldwin and Gretsch. Since 1994, Gibson has acquired Slingerland and still owns batteries using this name.


Founded in 1922 by London drummer Albert Della Porta and by the builder George Smith. In the beginning, they produced sets for third parties, above all wholesalers, but soon they started to produce with their name.

The headquarters were originally located in central London and moved to the Acton premises in 1930. During the Second World War the Premier Drum Company plant produced sights for tanks and airplanes, and after being bombed as a strategic target, moved its production in Leicester.

The Premier Drum Company brand experienced its economic boom during the beat in the 1960s, not only in the UK but around the world, investing heavily in new factories to meet the massive demands. In 1984, however, due to the resignation of the Della Porta family, the name changed from Premier Drum Company to Premier. Since 1987 this brand has been incorporated by Yamaha who owned the Leicester factory since 1992. Starting from this period the Premier brand has undergone several ownership changes and its reputation among drummers all over the world has undergone a major downsizing, also because of the great rise of other brands.

Since 2000 they have moved production to Taiwan for maple and birch drums. Some series remained in the UK until 2007 while the hardware came from the same assembly line as the Tama in Taiwan.

Starting from 2012 an attempt is being made to re-launch the brand, moving the production of high-end batteries in the United Kingdom.

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