Gloves for drummer

Best gloves for drummer are not a necessary attribute, but they are very useful. These products protect the musician’s fingers and palms from blisters and help to better fix the drumsticks. It is not a secret that many drummers during the game are sweating their hands, because of this often sticks are thrown out at the most important moment. If you don’t have a spare kit next to you, you have to “reach” the song with your hand, which, of course, does not bode well for you.

Many professional drummers consider gloves a necessary attribute in the early stages of a drummer’s development. The fact is that beginners have a much higher tendency to develop blisters than experienced masters. First, the skin of young drummers’ hands, as well as of young guitarists, is not used to such loads. If guitarists are recommended to play nylon strings for the first time, the only way out for drummers is to wear gloves. Secondly, the appearance of blisters contributes to the wrong grip, which for a novice drummer is absolutely commonplace.

Conditionally, the gloves for the drummer can be classified into several categories. Thus, first, open and closed products are distinguished. The former provides greater airflow to the hands. This makes them ideal for musicians with increased sweating. The gloves are also available with or without fingers. Leather is most commonly used as the base material. Sometimes there are products that are a combination of leather and fabric.

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